Metropolitan Design Group
About Us

We area full service consulting and design company. Our work is in new
construction and renovations. We work in single-family homes, multi-unit
condos and commercial projects. Our central location is in Kansas City, but
we do work around the United States and internationally.
Our Vision

Often when a customer comes to a designer with a project they don't have a
clear perspective of  how they wish for their space to appear. We take  from
your existing space  and all that comes with it,  to make it  a design uniquely
for you. Here at Metropolitan Design Group we help to create a more
defined vision of your ideas. MDG's goal is to help you make your space an
extension of yourself.
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Recent News:
  • Metropolitan Design Group is proud to present ALF Group furniture
  • This new line is designed and fabricated in Italy
  • You can find a catalog of their entire line at this link